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Deep-Blu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

Deep-Blu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

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COSMIQ⁺ dive computer features a 2.2 inch, pixel-less, bright, colorful and high-contrast display. Real-time dive information is displayed with astonishing clarity, even in the deepest depths and on night dives without shining your torch onto it.

Every COSMIQ⁺ dive computer also comes with two NATO wrist straps, plain and camouflage. Crafted from nylon and stainless steel hardware, the wrist straps have enough range for you to wear your COSMIQ⁺ dive computer directly onto your wrist, with a wetsuit or even with a drysuit.

Digital Dive Logs

Beautifully Enriched

Upload your dive logs wirelessly from your COSMIQ⁺ dive computer to the Deepblu App. When you import photos and videos taken from your camera, the app automatically plots them onto your dive profile at the correct depth and duration. Meanwhile, learn what other information you can add to enrich your dive logs.

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