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Deco 60

Deco 60

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Optimised Staged Decompression

The DECO 60 course is a natural progression for anyone certified at the DECO 50 level and allows divers to use two optimised decompression gases to a maximum of 60 meters / 200 feet.
Decompression obligations are limited only by the amount of gas carried by the diver.
Divers certify to use Normoxic Trimix with a minimum oxygen contend of 18%. Helium is based on a 30 meters / 100 foot EAD/END.
DECO 60 divers may use up to 100% oxygen for optimised decompression schedules.
The program may be completed wearing back mount twin set cylinders of for those qualified as sidemount divers, in sidemount configuration.

The program expands on the knowledge learned, and the skills mastered in the DECO 50 program. The program contains the very latest techniques, protocols and technical information. The manuals use the latest graphics and are both exciting and challenging. There are three manuals that cover all the essentials for the program, they are:


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