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Coral Reef Conservation

Coral Reef Conservation

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About the Course

Aqaba is home to some of the most stunning coral reefs on Earth—but like so many coral reefs around the world, these incredible underwater ecosystems are increasingly under threat. Through our Coral Reef Conservation specialty course, you’ll learn all about the wonders of coral reefs, and how you can do your part to help protect and conserve them.

This training is open to anyone with a passion for aquatic life, with no prerequisites or water training requirements.

Take this course if you want to

  • Learn about the wonders and complexities of coral reefs
  • Take an active role in helping prevent the decline of coral reefs
  • Gain a richer understanding of underwater life

Learn about

  • The importance of coral reefs and the many functions they serve
  • The various challenges that threaten coral ecosystems
  • Conservation efforts and how to get involved
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