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Poseidon Rebreather Event Aqaba

Poseidon Rebreather Event Aqaba

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Diverse Divers are very proud to announce Jordans first ever Rebreather event! Held between 23rd and 27th of October 2023. During this event 50 divers will be introduced to Rebreather diving, 10 per day, over a period of 5 days.  

Why Poseidon - Poseidon is one of the oldest and most respected diving manufactures, earning over time the title “the Rolls Royce of diving equipment” among their many achievements they have created the first ever single hose regulator in 1958! Poseidon has a focus on Quality and Safety very similar to the primary focus of Diverse Divers Club. 

Poseidon representatives will be present throughout the event to answer any question about their product range.  

The day includes: 

1 Rebreather Try Dive 

Option to scuba dive in-between your time on the boat and try dive 

Lunch onboard 

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